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Property Management

We offer property management services in the greater Frankfurt area. Our services can be categorized into accounting and technical services.

We prepare an annual business plan for your property. This includes projections on income and expenses as well as reserves and planning of renovation projects.

Our technical management includes regular site visits to the property. We inspect and control that all building code and landlord-tenant contracts are properly realized. We also obtain quotations of trades and service companies that maintain your property.
We are committed to help you in understanding cultural aspects of property management for international investors. The German real estate market is in many aspects similar to the rest of the world, but there are also important distinctions that you should be aware of.

International Service

We are here to assist international property owners in their needs to understand and manage their local investments.

Legal Framework

We assist in the navigation of the complex legal framework of tenant-landlord regulations.

Accounting Services

Annual business plans
Annual Property Owner Meetings
Preparation and administration of the property records
Bookkeeping of expenses and income
Profit/Loss Statements
Annual Income/Expense Statement
Interface to tax preparation service providers
Administration of past-dues and collections
Management of insurances

Technical Management

Yearly analysis of investment and renovtion needs
Management of trades and work contracts
Preparation of inspections (TÜV, fire prevention, elevators)
Handling of insurance claims
Regular inspection of the property

Facility Management

Management of winter and snow clearance
Supervision of cleaning contracts
Enforcement of the property's regulation